Listen to my original music

Here you’ll find recordings of my music. I’ve finally gotten around to converting some of my old pieces. This will have to do until I find more time for proper recording.

Please use headphones if possible ‒ otherwise you might not hear all the anguish.

Click the links below if you would like details on the individual areas,
or just listen to them all now, while you read on or move on. Note: Open this link to queue all pieces in a playlist (Windows Media Player or whatever you use).

Solo keyboard pieces
Live, solo, almost acoustic. Now I’m a reel musician. Cough.
Newer Stuff
Sorry, there is not actually anything new here
First I need to shut myself away for a Recording Vacation.
Music I made toyed with in the 80’s
Ancient computer Casio-like sounds. Embarrassing and fun!

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