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As threatened, I’ve finally churned out some quick live instrumental single-trackers Sunday night. Try and imagine these with real arrangements. I like to think my compositions are heavy on melody, but what do I know? Some of these don’t have bridges just yet. There are a few moments of mistakes/improv; ignore any inconsistent tempo; try and overlook any cheesy instruments. I tend to play these too fast as instrumentals, so I’ll need to do many of them slower later to manage the vocals. Some shorter ones are still just babies.

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Find Yourself (take 2) 4:21 ~2.87mb MP3
I have trouble naming these things. There are lyrics, but I kind of like it better as a piano piece. This one is fairly elaborate and complete. Does anyone like to listen to this stuff?
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Even Now / After All (take 4) 3:23 ~2.53mb MP3
This wouldn’t be so hard if I was using a sequencer. Pretty good for a non-performer if you ask me. I used at least 7 or 8 fingers. This piece has evolved in interesting ways since the 80’s. Vocals to be recorded next time.
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Mystery (take 1) 3:30 ~2.44mb MP3
My old epic, first pecked out around 1987-1988. Chords came soon after. Lyrics exist for one section, but dang if I don’t now feel locked into strictly piano. One can see what happened when I once tried to do an arrangement (80’s section), but perhaps I could do better now. A or B? Many friends have called this a favorite.
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Whole Again (take 2) 2:22 ~1.89mb MP3
From 1993. I really need to record the vocal version of this one one of these days. It’s really two songs glued together. I feel it’s chock-full-o'-irony; the lyrics too. Does that sell anymore?
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

The King Must Die (take 1) 2:33 ~1.70mb MP3
This one’s purely lyrical with some instrumental fluff. I’d better get on that.
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I Was There (take 1) 2:29 ~1.65mb MP3
Originally from 1993. This one has a couple strong verses, to be recorded.
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

The King Must Die (take 2) 2:14 ~1.64mb MP3
You need to hear it again, as a fake acoustic guitar this time. When did I ever learn to strum the keyboard?
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Surrender Slowly (take 1) 1:34 ~1.12mb MP3
1998. My eyes will bleed if I don’t get the vocals recorded before I die (of eye-bloodloss).
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Elizabeth (take 3) 1:08 ~0.78mb MP3
You should hear the words. What does one do with songs like this these days?
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A Lifetime or More (take 1) 1:03 ~0.73mb MP3
1999. I’m just loaded with lyrics no one has ever heard. I bet I’ll get rich after I’m dead.
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Out on the Sea (take 2) 0:58 ~0.73mb MP3
Yes, I know it begins on a diminished chord. I think that was my whole point. Lyrics (to come) are a little inane. From 1998.
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Fallin' to Ruin (ragtime version - take 1) 0:49 ~0.60mb MP3
I had to. But later I’ll take a shot at the slower sentimental lyrical version. From 1992.
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

Unnamed fanfare (take 1) 0:39 ~0.46mb MP3
This probably should have died after the 80’s incarnation. It doesn’t sound like a video game any more. I don’t expect to make a dollar at this, do I?
Listen. Fraunhofer VBR ProMP3.

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