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Listen now. MP3 4:51 ~4.55mb Fraunhofer VBR HQ.
Note: The variable bitrate makes some players incorrectly list this song as shorter, eg: 2:00 in length.


This piece is kind of unique among my music to-date. You could say I was inspired. I wrote this, recorded it and had it on CD over the course of one night, April 14, 1999, and I still made it to work afterward (withi CD in-hand). This was before I had a real microphone, so be amazed that this came across on one of those cheap little PC mics ‒ with a sponge wrapped around to deaden the echo and windflow.

I later went back and did a little mastering on that mucky CD copy. This made it so much better, I might load up the old tracks and mix & master ’em all anew.


Tear this payge out and take it away
Some of your reasons will do
All the time my grip - slipping away
Thought I could trust what I knew

But oh, no, it’s started again
Despite all the warnings I caught
The gnawing desolation much closer at hand
Survivor I’m not

See the dirty souls chasing their dreams
Never to cage what they sought
Can you honestly feel what it means
Through the penance you bought

Well oh, God it’s happening here
Couldn’t have staged a worse time
When bitter heroes die alone with their fear
I’m living with mine

Oh no it’s happened again
But what can you do
You know why I’m calling to you now
And what I need you to do


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